Entering Data

Import Data

File Label Express supports direct entered data through the User Interface or you may import data that you have stored or compiled in data files. File Label Express will import data from

  • .csv (Comma Separate Values) text files
  • Excel spreadsheets either .xls or .xlsx formats

Simply choose the file that has the matching data from your workstation or network share and import it.

If you data file has column headers (column names) as the first line in the file, simply check the “Strip Column Headers” box and the column names will automatically be stripped from your incoming data.

Data will be imported to the spreadsheet view.


Manual Data Entry – Single Label

Settings will allow you to choose single or multiple label data entry. If you choose single label a form will open, simply enter your label data to the form and submit it.

Manual Data Entry – Multiple Labels

The data entry screen defaults to Multiple Labels view. Here simply enter one or many labels exactly as you would enter data in a spreadsheet. Tab through is active on all File Label Express screens.

Start Printing On –

File Label Express supports the use of multiple user defined print templates which routinely provide multiple labels per sheet. The “Start Printing On” drop down will allow the user to position the print of the first label on any available label position on the sheet.

This will allow the use of sheets that have already had labels printed in previous positions to used.

Label Data

The Label Data pane holds incoming data for the printing of labels, regardless of the data entry method. This pane also provides two buttons

  • Export Data – this will export data that is in the spreadsheet to a text file and save it to your workstation or a network share
  • Clear input – This clears the data that is in the spreadsheet view