File Label Express PRO – Barcode File Tracking Software with available RFID

With your PRO Account you can store, manage and report on file data as well as check records in and out and send them to locations.

Each index value in the database is also a link that will re-search the database for all records or items with that like value. Eg, clicking “John” in a name field will  find and display all records with “John”.

In the instance of locations and status and other user defined fields this will search all records that have a certain status, location or other value that is useful to the project. These searches can be compiled to lists, reports or may be selected for batch updating.


All available File Label Express PRO projects will be on this drop down menu. Choose the project you want to work on by clicking on the project name.


Some of File Label Express functions make use of specific “Lists” that a user will create. Lists can be created for any reason that the user defines. The “Lists” drop down will store these and make them accessible.

Batch Update

Batch update will perform an update of all or selected records based on uniform criteria, that is all chosen records will be updated with the same value(s). Opening the batch update form will give the user access to all fields that are eligible in the project to be updated with the batch update method

Page Selector

File Label Express opens the entire index by default, and records may be sorted ascending or descending in any viewable field. The Page Selector allows the user to jump to any page in the entire index.

Menu Bar

View Lists

This button will drop down a menu of all available lists. Clicking on the list of your choice will open that list for you to work with.

Add “+” icon

This will add data to the project. You may either enter a single record or item utilizing the  “Single” menu item, this will open a data entry form. Simply enter your data to the form and it will be submitted to the project.

If you utilize the “Batch” menu item, a form will open that will allow you to choose a data file (either .csv or Excel spreadsheet) to load to the project. This form will allow you to map incoming data to the fields in your File Label Express project. With this you can utilize any file that contains relevant data and tailor the import to drop fields that are not necessary and order the incoming data to your preference. The batch import will automatically de-duplicate both data in your file and data that already exists in the project.


File Label  Express will  accommodate single or batch label printing from incoming data or data that already exists in the data base. You many search for files that you wish to reprint compile them, then print ALL or SELECTED files based on your requirements.

Edit Selected

Utilizing check boxes and lists you can compile records or items that you wish to edit. Edit selected will open a form with your selected choices for you to edit individually. You may move around any field in any row of data and enter your  edits.

Closing the form will save your changes.


Clicking on the search button will open the search form to search the database and return results.

Select ALL

File Label Express utilizes checkboxes next to each row of data to allow the user to select records to work with. The Select ALL button will select all records in the view, or if the open index is in view, it will select all records in the data base.

View Selected

Moving around File Label Express you may use the checkboxes to select records or items for various tasks. If you choose the “View Selected” button, the view will revert to the records or items you have selected.

Create Report

File Label Express is integrated fully with the Simplicity Viewer to enable dynamic report creation. The user may compile lists, select records or items based on search criteria, then compile them to a Report. When the Create Report button is hit, the report wizard will begin the process of creating the report.

The user will asked to Name the Report, any user defined value that adequately identifies the report may be used.

The next dialog will offer the user the opportunity to place a Note in the Report which will be at the top of the report when it is rendered.

The compiled report will then automatically open a new tab or browser window depending on your browser settings and open the report for review.  It is not necessary to save the report, this is done when it is compiled.

All available reports will be saved to the project and can be accessed from the “Projects” menu, under “Reports”.

Attach Images

File Label Express allows the attaching of images to projects. If a project is defined with an “Image” field this button will open a dialog and allow the user to choose an image to attach to the data from their workstation or a network share.

Double click the file and submit, this will upload the image to the record or item.

Export Data

File Label Express will export data in the form of a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file. The user may choose to export a list, selected records or the entire database.

This will NOT remove any data from the database or the project, it will simply allow File Label Express data to be exported and utilized in other ways the user may find useful.


This will DELETE selected records. This is not reversible and the user is cautioned prior to the DELETE action that it cannot be undone.