Print Preview

Print Preview

This will initiate the rendering of labels from data entered to the application and will automatically take the user to the third and final screen in the label creation process.

Hitting the Print Preview will begin the printing process. The user may toggle back and forth from Print Preview to data entry as many times as necessary to ensure that the label data is entered to provide the desired result in the finished and printed label(s).

Save File

This will begin to render labels to an Acrobat PDF. When the rendering process is complete your browser settings will either cause the PDF to open automatically or ask you if you want to Open or Save the File.

Opening the file will open the PDF and from there you can print.

Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader to print labels. File Label Express supports viewing PDF files in any viewer but for printing the file Acrobat reader is required to ensure proper interaction with the print template.

When printing the file do not scale it in any way.