Print Template

Use this page to create print templates which will format the PDF for PDFCrowd.

Create a Print Template

By default, the form will pull the latest print template which was entered into the system. This will be cached on the server. If you’d like to save the template, simply click “Save Template.” If you need to continue working on the print template at a later time, you can click “Submit.”

Edit a Template

There is a dropdown at the top of the screen which allows you to choose an existing template to edit. The form will be auto-populated with the existing template’s values. To overwrite the existing template, just name it the same thing as the existing template.

Important: If you edit a template, there will be unwanted lines of CSS in the “Extra CSS” field. These will be *, .labelWrap and body selectors. You will need to delete these. These are there because the print template editor actually allows you to edit those through the fields at the top and then generates the CSS on the server.

Delete a Template

This would normally not be required, but you can delete the template by going to Admin\Files\CSS and clicking the X next to the file you want to delete.