RFID Labels can speed the locating and automate the tracking of files in your office. While they are highly effective it can be time consuming to print and commission these specialty labels for a large conversion. File Label Express can ease the time and reduce the costs associated with creating RFID Labels at the outset of your project.

File Label Express provides a quick solution for bulk RFID label printing & commissioning. We also can provide low cost hand held readers, or we can install fixed reader “choke points” for automated tracking.

What separates File Label Express from other applications on the market, is that it deploys to you ready to enable this technology. Each row of data in the File Label Express system generates a unique RFID tag value. So even if you already have printed your labels and applied them, you can always turn on the power of File Label Express RFID.

File Label Express is integrated with the world renown Zebra Printer line. Simply select print runs send them out to your Zebra printer. That’s it! Scan the barcode, locate the records, affix the labels and you are now able to automate movement tracking, or find missing files with the Atid 911N Android UHF RFID reader.

Or you can simply drop us a line, ask us to run a file system print and these labels will arrive at your door ready to affix along with your handheld device. We can print up to 10,000 labels a day, commissioned and ready to use.

Or if all you require are commissioned labels based on your arbitrary data model, send us your data, we’ll print your labels quickly and expertly and have them in your hands ready to use before you know it.

Value Added Service:

Fast Turns on Large Projects

  • Our Print Production Teams will speed your time to implement
  • As with all File Label Express projects, we will hold your data and make it usable
  • Fast transition to the latest in filing technology
  • Low cost of ownership for day forward printing requirements
  • Committed professionals, print, encode and VERIFY every label every time

If you are creating your color coded file labels with File Label Express, all you have to do is contact us and we’ll work with you to create an automated tracking solution that meets your needs and your budget. RFID is not for everyone, but for those that need it or could benefit from this remarkable technology.

Are you already looking at File and Document Tracking with RFID? Then you should consider File Label Express. File Label Express wasnt’ retro fitted to enable this technology, it was DESIGNED to use this technology just as it was designed to run on your existing mobile infrastructure. File Label Express is cutting edge technology, not technology struggling to keep up with advancing methods.

File Label Express allows you to start large or small and for Enterprise systems, no one can beat the features and ease of use that File Label Express offers. If RFID tracking, scan on demand, end to end, life cycle tracking and enabling every available method to manage your records is what you need, then you need File Label Express!

Our attractive pricing models for the latest technology to manage records can compete with anyone.

Why File Label Express?

File Label Express is built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. Our team of records management professionals has designed and developed unique solutions for efficiently managing records. We aim to provide businesses of all sizes with high-quality, cost-effective filing solutions.

We offer a simple value proposition: to capture your work, your effort, and your file metadata as you are originating it, and use it again and again to advance your business interest in the records you create and maintain. We’re built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. It’s quite simple, you are doing this already, simply do it better, simply do it once, and do it right. Let us show you how.