Document Scanning and Management while at times, considered mutually exclusive to file room and physical records management, is really only another method in an overall filing strategy. Considering the filing system in totality, document scanning is but one device that will be effective in managing your records.

Too often the presentation is an either/or choice for the consumer. This is one that hears from Filing System vendors, Storage Vendors and Scanning Vendors that these methods are competitive and that it is wise to choose one at the exclusion of others. The consumer is then faced with making a choice between methods, instead of a choice that creates opportunity in each device.

Activating the full power of File Label Express not only allows you to reduce the cost of batch back file scanning, it also allows you to pull records at will and simply attach them to the index you have already created. Your choice to scan records, then simply asks you to consider whether you’d like to do it all at once, or as the records are requested and pulled in the normal course of business, daily.

Value Added Service:

Backfile Scanning

  • Export your existing file meta data to reduce conversion costs
  • Provide a ready system to which your vendor can upload content
  • Scan what you want when you want it, based on use metrics
  • Create vendor accountability by knowing what you have sent out

Document Scan on Demand

  • Insource your conversion, by simply scanning to the index
  • Restrict movement of physical files by filling requests electronically
  • Ensure document security using a secure system to distribute content
  • Enable remote employees with secure instant access to file data via their smart device

National Affiliate Network

  • File Label Express works with industry leaders nationwide
  • Tap into a highly responsive network of professional conversion specialists
  • Work with providers that understand the totality of your requirements
  • Bring all of your filing services under one integrated plan

Your Document Conversion Partner

  • File Label Express knows document conversion from the file origination up
  • Full service conversion provider from paper, to film, to video and audio content
  • We’re not just filing, we’re end to end solution providers
  • Ask any question any time, our professionals are ready to answer them free of charge

Why File Label Express?

File Label Express is built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. Our team of records management professionals has designed and developed unique solutions for efficiently managing records. We aim to provide businesses of all sizes with high-quality, cost-effective filing solutions.

We offer a simple value proposition: to capture your work, your effort, and your file metadata as you are originating it, and use it again and again to advance your business interest in the records you create and maintain. We’re built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. It’s quite simple, you are doing this already, simply do it better, simply do it once, and do it right. Let us show you how.