Are you planning on a filing system conversion ?  File Label Express is your partner in fast and professional delivery of high quality file labels, Extenda Tabs or new folders with new labels.

Whether you’d like to replace worn-out labels or move to a high-density filing space, File Label Express is the cost-effective solution for your file system conversion project.

Our secret to success is in our color-coded label system. We take your existing or compiled file data and re-label your files with color-coded strip labels. Our “line sight” color labels are effectively placed on the side, or side tab, of a folder and can dramatically reduce retrieval times by up to 40%. Together, these colorful side-tabs are more effective for management than their “top tab” predecessor.

Our service center has the capacity to print and package as many as 30,000 high-quality, color-coded labels a day. We can provide your labels ready to apply!

Value Added Service:

Create A System While Creating Labels

  • File Label Express returns not only labels, but a working file system solution
  • Consolidate your file information to a highly accessible and functional tool
  • Turn on tracked record origination moving forward
  • Add Status and Location fields to create rudimentary workflows

Enable Physical Record Tracking

  • File Label Express can provide lifecycle tracking to guard compliance
  • Know where files are now, where they have been and who has accessed them
  • Limit access to only personnel that are known authorized users
  • Create system audits with a few easy steps or enable analytics on system use

Turn On The Power of Document Imaging

  • Your labels and your File Label Express Account can turn on scanning at will
  • Your labeled and tracked records can simply be attached to the system
  • Your label purchase is only the first available step to an integrated strategy
  • Your printing the labels – open up your possibilities at the same time

Reduce Your Storage Costs

  • File Label Express will create detailed box inventories
  • File Label Express manage records in storage out to destruction with retention scheduling
  • File Label Express will enable your vendor to attach your documents to YOUR system
  • Eliminate physical return of files costs by specifying Scan and Attach

Why File Label Express?

File Label Express is built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. Our team of records management professionals has designed and developed unique solutions for efficiently managing records. We aim to provide businesses of all sizes with high-quality, cost-effective filing solutions.

We offer a simple value proposition: to capture your work, your effort, and your file metadata as you are originating it, and use it again and again to advance your business interest in the records you create and maintain. We’re built upon a commitment to doing it once and doing it right. It’s quite simple, you are doing this already, simply do it better, simply do it once, and do it right. Let us show you how.