Tabbies Self‑Adhesive File Folder Poly Pockets



  • 5 Different Sizes
  • Quantity of 100
  • Self Adhesive
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Easy to apply


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Tabbies Self‑Adhesive File Folder Poly Pockets

Tabbies Self‑Adhesive File Folder Poly Pockets are poly pockets come in five different sizes.  It’s easy to add a pocket to your file or binder; simply peel off the protective backing and apply the self-adhesive side to your folder. Pockets are sealed on three sides. Store x-rays, forms, immunization records, flaps drives, CD’s and more.

First dimension is the pocket opening:

Tabbies #54495      Inside   2-1/2″w x 3-1/4″h          Outside  3″w x 3-3/4″h                   Quantity of  100
Tabbies #54496      Inside  10-1/2″w x 8-1/2″h         Outside 11″w x 9″h                           Quantity of 100
Tabbies #54497      Inside   5″w x 3″h                         Outside  5-3/4″w x 3-3/4″h           Quantity of 100
Tabbies #55498      Inside 6-1/2″w x 4-1/4″h            Outside 7″w x 4-3/4″h                     Quantity of 100
Tabbies #55499      Inside  8-3/4″w x 5-1/2″h           Outside 9-1/4″w x 6″h                     Quantity of 100
  • 5 Different Sizes
  • Quantity of 100
  • Self Adhesive
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Easy to apply


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11" x 9", 3" x 3.75", 5.75" x 3.75", 7" x 4.75", 9.25" x 6"


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