RFID File Folder Labels


These RFID file folder labels are high quality strip labels for end tab color coding using automated data driven label creation.

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RFID File Folder Labels

These RFID file folder labels are high quality strip labels for end tab color coding using automated data driven label creation. This product is a 6-Up sheet feed label stock made of Waterguard Inkjet permanent adhesion paper. It is also embedded with the indusrty standard Higgs 3 RFID inlay to allow RFID tracking of file folders. Label dimensions: 8″ x 1.5″ for end tab file folder application. Inkjet printing is recommended for this stock. The RFID inlay may affect proper fusing of toner to the substrate.

Why File Label Express?

File Label Express was designed by records management professionals to bring a high quality web solution to your filing needs. We are the low cost provider for color coded file labels and print services. Are you in the market for a filing system? Are you still relying on your office supply provider for file label and tracking solutions?

We provide a factory direct option for file label creation with our own unique technology which cuts costs. Our labels are manufactured to exact specifications. Our position as a large volume provider allows File Label Express to offer labeling technology and label stock at wholesale prices.

File Labels

Color coded file labels are often used in complex filing and storage systems. An end-user who is familiar with the filing system can quickly find a document, folder or other content. An online file label program can provide everything from asset tags to color coded filing labels, both top and side tab.

Our apps can can be integrated with a tracking database to provide a tracking system for any item you would want to label or track from a file folder to a laptop.

Benefits of Color Coded Filing

  1. Reduce retrieval time by up to 40%.
  2. Reduce the cost of working with the filing system.
  3. Reduce misfiles. The color code creates a break in the pattern that causes them to stick out.
  4. With the addition of bar codes and records management software, a color coded filing system can be migrated into a more comprehensive solution as demands change.
  5. Standard and consistent labeling of all files in the system.
  6. Easily distinguish one file type from another.

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150 labels – 1 pack of 25 sheets – $ 69.95/pack – 46.6 cents/label, 300 labels – 1 pack of 50 sheets – $128.95/pack – 42.9 cents/label, 600 labels – 1 pack of 100 sheets – $215.95/pack – 35.9 cents/label, 900 labels – Multi Pack – $315.00 – 35.0 cents/label, 1200 labels – Multi Pack – $408.00 – 34.0 cents/label, 1200 labels – Multi Pack – $408.00 – 34.0 cents/label, 1500 labels – Multi Pack – $495.50 – 33.0 cents/label, 1800 labels – Multi Pack – $576.00 – 32.0 cents/label, 2100 labels – Multi Pack – $651.00 – 31.0 cents/label, 2400 labels – Multi Pack – $720.00 – 30.0 cents/label, 2700 labels – Multi Pack – $783.00 – 29.0 cents/label, 3000 labels – Multi Pack – $840.00 – 28.0 cents/label, 3600 labels – Multi Pack – $972.00 – 27.0 cents/label Case Lot


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