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File Label Express Document Management is an integrated comprehensive solution for managing electronic content related to your records. It can also be utilized to manage records that have been labeled and in the active filing system, but have then as a matter of policy or expediency been scanned.

Yes, that’s right! File Label Express can not only create your file labels and manage your file data, but it can also be upgraded to handle changing requirements as they occur. No other file label software on the market can offer this unique flexibility, ensuring that your investment in label printing can be further leveraged as your needs change.


  • Bulk upload of 3rd party vendor back file conversions
  • Easy single or multiple file uploads to the system
  • Custom project deployment at your finger tips
  • Custom indexing strategies
  • Crisp, clean user interface that puts all projects in a single view
  • Global Search functionality across all projects
  • Intuitive Auto Complete Indexing
  • Full text search ability across documents and projects
  • Available e-mailing of documents from the application to requestors
  • Unlimited projects and users
  • Auto upload service to fully integrate with existing MFD’s or scanners
  • Append pages to existing documents quickly and easily
  • Web based – view any document from any location with any device
  • No third party runtimes or Active X controls utilized
  • Cross platform and cross browser compatible
  • Supports all native image file types, as well as Microsoft Office Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, and text files
  • Full redaction controls on File Label Express Viewer

The File Label Express DM will run on any device that has access to the internet or the internal enterprise network owing to its state of the art architecture and HTML 5 Compliant design.

The File Label Express DM relies on powerful open source tools, modern coding methods and standards to ensure that no exorbitant licensing of Server OS or Database Servers are required while delivering functionality that Enterprise users value in the real world.

Yet another option your initial investment in color coded labeling or migration from outdated systems can provide! As your needs change and grow, your provider should provide solutions to enable you in effective management.

File Label Express is the only complete solution on the market for your Label and Document Management needs.

Start Using File Label Express DM today for only $49.95/month/user!

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