File Label Express PRO adds true database functionality to the standard printing of file labels. In high or low use environments adding PRO to your account gives you true Records Management at an affordable cost.


  • Stores file data as it is entered and on batch upload
  • Creates a searchable database of records in the system Allows for dynamic reporting of file system data, based on any file index or any custom index identified by the user as useful in reporting on the file system.
  • Creates rudimentary tracking ability with an available “Location” Field
  • Allows addition of retention schedules with and available “Retention” Field, which can readily indicate records that are eligible to be destroyed with a simple search.
  • Creates file data that is useful in scanning conversions while lowering the cost to index scanned records with the ability to match existing file data with scanned files
  • Creates the ability to compile detailed listings of records going to storage which lowers the cost to introduce and retrieve records in storage.
  • Allows for bulk updating of records based on like values such as
  • Bringing files forward year over year
  • Differentiating between Active and Inactive files or switching status of files based on new requirements or activity
  • Updating record sets based on any user defined criteria
  • With the advanced “label switching” technology built into PRO, multiple labels can be rendered from the same data utilizing a “key” field which will switch the label design on the fly. This is especially useful where a file status, as in “’Active” or “Inactive” must create a secondary label.

File Label Express PRO provides a bridge between simple label printing and complex records and content management. Utilizing PRO allows the user to compile file system data that is useful in reducing costs when the files are converted, destroyed or archived in long term storage.

Start Using PRO Today for only $29.95/month with unlimited users!

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